Jhay Colis 

is a graduate of fine arts major in advertising from Far Eastern University. He started practicing painting as an apprentice of Ronaldo Ruiz, and then evolved to perfecting his craft by being an accomplished tattoo artist. He is a provisionary member of Philippine tattoo artists guild. Colis experienced visual performance by attending past TAMA events. It was in the 2008 5th tupada International Art Event at Kanlungan ng Sining, Rizal Park, when he did his first performance, and followed it soon thereafter with performances in small events and TAMA’s Succeeding international festivals: 6th tupada international Art event entitled:(bunga) at Vargas museum, disKURSO #5 at PWU, DisKURSO #6 at PUP. DisKURSO #7 at UST, disKURSO #8 at BSU, disKURSO #9 at UB, SAluBONG at Luneta Park, 8th tupada international Art event (Soludarity in PErformACE), Unrest 2nd Anniversary of maguindanao massacre at NPC, Bonifacio@148.