Myra Beltran

Pioneering dancer and choreographer, Myra Beltran, celebrates 15 years of her Dance Forum in 2010 and 21 years of independent contemporary dance practice in the Philippines.  She formed Dance Forum in 1995 and from her initiative and use of alternative performing spaces, came to pioneer what was to be called Philippine independent contemporary dance.

For her work, Ms. Beltran was awarded the National Commission for Culture and Arts 2001, “Alab ng Haraya” (flame of inspiration) and her Dance Forum was given the Aliw Award for best dance group 2001.  She also received the Tanging Parangal from the City of Manila in 2007.

Her previous professional affiliations include Ballet of Oldenburg (Germany), Ballet of Prishtina (former Yugoslavia), Ballet Philippines of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, The Lab. Projekt-Philippines.  Ms Beltran has done commissioned work for Arts Development Association of Taiwan, University of Iowa’s Theatre Department, CASA San Miguel Center for the Arts, Instituto Cervantes Manila.  She has choreographed for local mainstream dance and theatre groups, such as Ballet Philipppines, Philippine Ballet Theatre and Dulanng UP. She has also collaborated with numerous artists of various disciplines in Beijing, Taipei, and with local artists.  Dance Forum has participated in international arts festivals such as Global Dance 2002 of World Dance Alliance, Exposition’O Contemporary Dance Fiesta in Singapore.  She has also read papers on her art in conferences in Taipei and Korea.

Ms. Beltran led the World Dance Alliance-Philippines Choreographers’ Network to initiate, conceptualize and implement, the groundbreaking “Contemporary Dance Map Series (2005),” which has become an annual event, leading to the first independent contemporary dance festival “Wifi Body” at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.  “Wifi Body Festival” under the leadership of Ms. Beltran has made possible the work of many choreographers and has made visible the existence of an independent dance community in the Philippines for both local and international audiences, becoming the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ annual event for contemporary dance. Ms. Beltran’s career as an independent contemporary dance artist living and working in the Philippines, now spans 20 years of practice and she has elevated the solo dance form into prominence in Philippine dance.

Major full-length works:


Itim Asu: 1719-2009 (2009), Nostalgia: le grand tango (2007, Manila), Mask: Unmask (2005, Taipei), Order for Masks (2005, Manila), Con furia (2003), Trace of a trace (2002), Gargoyle’s Whispers and dance (2002), The Romeo and Juliet Project (2001), Payatas: point counterpoint (2001), choreographic.discourse.Moment in Desire (2000), Daughters of Necessity (2000), Folds of Midnight (1999), Song (1999), Quartet for the End of Time (1998), Fragile Circle (1998), Star Maiden (1997), Birdwoman (1996), Women Waiting (1995)


Major Solos:


Portrait of a Wallflower (2007), Frida en el espejo (2007), The spell of Myrtha (2006), Meditation on an Event Foretold (2005), Not mine (2005), Scarred is Beautiful (2004), Poeme (2002), Unbearable Lightness (2000), Star Maiden (1997), At the heart of the rose (1996), Becoming (1996), Ritual for taking leave (1995), Tau-tao (1995)


Awards received:


National Commission for Culture and the Arts, ALAB NG HARAYA AWARD 2001 for Individual Recognition in the Performing Arts

Tanging Parangal from the City of Manila 2007

ALIW Award 2001, for best cultural dance group, Dance Forum