on pins and needles (bandung)

Roma Arts artist-in-resident Jef Carnay


Galeri GerilyaFriday, 16 November 2012

Jalan Raden Patah no. 12 , Bandung, Indonesia 40132

Live Performance:

Kelvin Atmadibrata responding to Anida Toeu Ali video

Aliansyah Caniago responding to Kosal Khiev video

Rudi Abdalah responding to Jef Carnay

Jef Carnay remembering Marcus Vinicius

Moderator:  Roy Voragen

special thanks to:  Wibi and Zico / Christiawan and Mimi


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“on pins and needles”

Roundtable Discussion

SFAD Gallery (The Philippine Women’s University)

August 15, 2012


Jef Carnay

Noel Soler Cuizon

Karen Ocampo Flores

Myra Beltran

Don Salubayba

Martin De Mesa

Jepren Solis

Opaline Santos

Dante Castillo Jr.

Aj Tolentino

Sam Occeno

Vic Farrio

Kuleng Manzanero

Brendale Asinas Tadeo

Alynnah Macla

Lala Pavilando

Zoren Romero

Gabby Tales

Progress Report: “on pins and needles” project



  • Blog/Web site
    1. components
    2. interactivity
    3. accessibility
  • Scheduled Video Viewing
    1. Local Universities
    2. Art Spaces
    3. Organizations
    4. Artist Collectives
  • Feedback from the viewers
  • International video viewing
    1. BandungIndonesia
    2. SiemReap Cambodia
    3. Phnom PenhCambodia
  • “on pins and needles” Part 2
  • “on pins and needles” as an annual project, new set of videos for the succeeding years.(possibility)
  • “on pins and needles” kit for the participating artists
    1. DVD compilation of the videos
    2. A poster
    3. Catalog (zine type): artist’s bio and statements
    4. a plastic toy chair and a set of pins

Open Discussion


  • “Kumustahan” Portion – updates on artists individual projects: recent activities, festival attended, residency attended, projects being developed. Etc.
  • “chika” Moments – latest news inside the local art community, on going exhibitions, interesting art projects, new collectives, new spaces, possible residencies, local trends, etc.
  • Practice/process/experience
  1. individual’s process of art making
  2. blurring boundaries
  3. discipline breaking discipline
  4. structures and deconstruction of practice from: dance, theater, visual arts, teaching, performance art, etc.
  5. performance art (understanding, appreciation, evolution, realization)
  6. performance vs performative
  7. identifying conceptual practice over performance art practice.
  8. spontaneity : responding on stimuli
  9. personal advocacy
  10. collaborations

tutoK: FOE




  • schedules: time line of the project
  • Workshop schedules for the short-listed project
  • Building Curatorial Guidelines
  • Prince Clause Fund
  • APC involvement: research and web development
  • UP Art Studies involvement: research
  • Public Art
  • Website development / Website component
  • Artists involvement.











Jef Carnay

A Visual / Performance artist: exhibited his works in local and international art galleries, museums and alternative spaces: performed both local and international art events: curated local live art performances: member of the core committee of TutoK [artists initiative]: convener of the art event “Bulong” a night of poetry, songs and other performances: lead vocalist of the band “earthfishfish”.

Most of my works both visual and performance are situationers, my form of storytelling. I am now exploring the concept of what is seen against what is being experienced: what you can actually see doesn’t tell the whole story there is always more of what is physically present, some intangible concealed notions alongside the evident.